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Press Release: Government Rejected BC Ferries Proposal to Enhance Profitability on Route 40

Transportation Minister Todd Stone has repeatedly justified his decision to cancel the Discovery Coast ferry service by saying it “lost money”. Now it turns out that an earlier Liberal Transportation Minister, Shirley Bond, rejected a proposal from BC Ferries that

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Citizen: Who’s making B.C. transportation policy?

The Government of Canada has long recognized that private companies have little interest in providing service to the country’s rural areas. When it comes to matters of the national transportation network, the Canada Transportation Act states that “strategic public intervention”

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Tribune: Ensuring tourism isn’t capsized by ferry reductions

Saving the Discovery Coast Ferry has become an all-consuming mission for Petrus Rykes and Bill Van Es of Anahim Lake. The cancellation of route 40 serviced by the Queen of Chilliwack sailing from Port Hardy to Bella Coola, was replaced

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