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Our campaign has been increasing the pressure on the government.  We’ve shown them that the tiny 16-vehicle Nimpkish schedule was inadequate to carry even a fraction of the typical summer traffic.  The government responded by increasing the number of sailings and altering the Inside Passage (Route 10) schedule to compensate, but it’s still much too little.

After we pointed out the Nimpkish lacked even the most basic amenities such as food and water, the government was forced to promise to invest in drinking water and other upgrades for the almost 10 hour trip.

When we reminded them that this 41 year old ferry was even older than the Queen of Chilliwack, which they said was too old, the government committed to spending untold millions on infrastructure changes to the Nimpkish.

When we showed them how difficult it would be for a tiny car barge designed for sheltered waters to navigate the waters and weather conditions common along the fjords of the central coast, they had no answer to give us.

Now we’re asking for a proper accounting to reveal the cost of all these changes, to see how much of the original projected savings of $725,000 is left.  But we’re not waiting to hear how the government responds. The fight to save the Discovery Coast Ferry continues.

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Hon. Christy Clark, Premier
Hon. Todd Stone, Transportation Minister
Hon. Naomi Yamamoto, Tourism and Small Business Minister
Hon. Michael de Jong, Finance Minister
Hon. Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training
Mike Corrigan, BC Ferries President
Donna Barnett, MLA Cariboo-Chilcotin
Jennifer Rice, MLA North Coast
Clair Trevena, MLA North Island & NDP BC Ferries Critic

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